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Ansell AGM Protest: End Union Busting in Sri Lanka - 15 October 2014
Join us out the front of Ansell's AGM and educate their shareholders about the awful treatment of workers in Sri Lanka. [ READ MORE ] Andrews signs on to end violence - 14 October 2014
Victorian Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has signed on to ANMF (Vic Branch)'s ?10-point plan to end violence and aggression against Victorian healthcare workers' and has vowed to implement change within a reasonable time frame should he be elected as Premier.  [ READ MORE ] Top five solutions for Victorian mental health - 10 October 2014
Today is World Mental Health Day, an opportunity for Victorians to discover more about an unseen health challenge in the community. [ READ MORE ]
Latest Events
Managing fluid and electrolyte administration and blood transfusion in the acute clinical setting - 15 October 2014
This seminar reviews the concepts of fluid and electrolyte homeostasis including types of fluid and electrolytes imbalances. There will be a focus on the practical application of knowledge to inform clinical assessment and decision making of the unwell patient in the acute ward environment. The why, what and when of fluid, blood and blood products administration will be covered. [ READ MORE ] Prevention of Workplace Bullying Seminar - 16 October 2014
Bullying and harassment are serious concerns for nurses, midwives and personal care workers working in health and aged care.  [ READ MORE ] R05/14 Introduction to Industrial Relations and the Role of the Job Representative - Wangaratta: October - 21 October 2014 - 23 October 2014
All Job Reps who have not attended training are strongly encouraged to attend this introductory program as soon as they become Reps, and it is also useful as a refresher for Reps who did the program more than three years ago. It will help you gain confidence in your role, know when to ask for help and what resources are available to you from the ANMF to assist you in the role.  [ READ MORE ] Venepuncture, conducting a 12 lead ECG & contemporary pathology collection - 23 October 2014
This workshop if fully booked. [ READ MORE ] An update on pre-eclampsia - 24 October 2014
This seminar is now fully booked. [ READ MORE ]
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Private aged care campaign NEW: ANMF (Vic Branch) online CPD portal
NEW: ANMF (Vic Branch) online CPD portal
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Federal ANMF Continuing Professional Education
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