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ANMF members enjoy the protection of professional indemnity insurance* and legal benefits.

Appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements are essential for all practising nurses and midwives.

From 1 July 2010 the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law imposed a specific obligation on nurses and midwives not to practise unless appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements are in force in relation to their practice (Section 129). A failure to comply with this obligation will not only expose you (in the event of alleged negligence) to the potential for payment of damages and legal costs, but may expose you to a charge of unprofessional conduct.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia professional indemnity insurance arrangements standard, to which the National Law refers, defines professional indemnity insurance arrangements as "arrangements that secure for the practitioner insurance from civil liability" from a claim arising from the negligence of the practitioner.

ANMF members' PI insurance provides professional indemnity cover.* Importantly, in the case of employees the cover operates in the event your employer does not indemnify you from a negligence claim. Every practising nurse/midwife needs
professional indemnity insurance

ANMF members have got it*

Any nurse or midwife could:
  • be wrongfully accused of unprofessional conduct in both administration and clinical roles
  • give the wrong drug to a patient
  • fail to accurately carry out all instructions for care in a busy ward
  • be involved in a court case even if only indirectly, or as a witness to an incident
  • make a mistake because of workload stress, insufficient information or any other reason

ANMF professional indemnity insurance protects ANMF members:

  • if you are reported to AHPRA
  • if you are required to appear before the Coroner
  • if you are sued for negligence or malpractice
  • if you are sued for damages arising from a public liability claim

Note: ANMF strongly recommends that agency nurses thoroughly check the wording of their contact to ensure the agency is not seeking that the nurse indemnify the agency should the agency be sued in relation to patient care.

*Cover does not extend to privately practising midwives in independent practice, associate members or student members who are not working and academic members. Further, exclusions apply with respect to botox and cosmetic injectables; laser therapy; osteopathy, chiropractic and manipulative therapy; services rendered under the influence of intoxicants or drugs; and dishonest, fraudulent, criminal and/or malicious conduct.

** ANMF legal services are subject to conditions which are available on request from the Branch office.

Who does ANMF professional indemnity insurance cover?

  • financial members of the ANMF (Vic Branch) while undertaking their duties as employees
  • nurses who work independently providing nursing services so long as they are suitably qualified and practising within their scope and provided they are not a registered company
  • nurses engaged and qualified to provide alternative or natural therapy, for example acupuncture, aromatherapy, naturopathy, massage and reflexology (but excluding chiropractic or osteopathy) where provided as part of nursing/midwifery services
  • insurance cover for an unlimited period after their permanent retirement from nursing

What type of cover is included?

  • cover for professional indemnity (malpractice) - up to $10 000 000
  • cover for public liability (negligence for injury to a third party, persons, or property) - up to $10 000 000
  • 24 hour insurance cover for Good Samaritan acts
  • cover for costs of attending inquiries

Switch to direct debit for 100% protection

Only financial members of the ANMF (Vic Branch) are covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance.

*This means you must be a member at the time of the incident of concern and your subscription fees must be up to date.

The best way to make sure you don't become unfinancial is to pay your ANMF fees by direct debit. To join the ANMF or to switch to direct debit call ANMF membership on 03 9275 9313 or regional toll-free 1800 133 353 or go to

ANMF members only policy
ANMF industrial, professional and legal advice and representation** is only provided to nurses and midwives who are full financial members of the ANMF at the time the incident for which they are seeking assistance occurs. This policy means nurses and midwives will not be eligible to receive any assistance (including industrial and professional advice and representation) for any incident that occurred before they were a financial ANMF member. This policy enables the ANMF to concentrate all its resources on ANMF members who remain financial.

*Cover does not extend to midwives in independent practice. Exclusions also apply for botox therapy; laser therapy; osteopathy, chiropractic or manipulative therapy; dishonesty, fraud and criminal acts; and in relation to services rendered by any person while under the influence of intoxicants or drugs. Full details are available on request.

Legal benefits
Full financial practising ANMF members have legal costs paid for any of the following matters:

  • unfair dismissals
  • contractual disputes
  • underpayment of wages and entitlements
  • Nurses and Midwives Board of Australia and disciplinary hearings (including the preparation of statements)
  • coronial inquiries (including the preparation of statements)
  • most criminal matters arising from your employment
  • workplace disputes

They can also use the Ryan Carlisle Thomas Nurses' 24-hour toll-free advice and referral inquiry line. Call 1300 361 444.

Ryan Carlisle Thomas also offers a range of free or discounted legal services for ANMF members.

** ANMF legal services are subject to conditions which are available on request from the Branch office.

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ANMF (Victorian Branch)
Ph: 03 9275 9333
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