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Public aged care sell off
The Napthine Government plans to close or sell off more than 1000 public nursing home beds. [ READ MORE ]
Barwon Health - Stop cutting nursing care
Geelong's nursing homes, the McKellar Centre's Wallace Lodge and Alan David Lodge, are cutting 324 nursing hours a week - almost nine nurses. This campaign is about protecting the standard of patient care at Geelong's nursing homes. It could affect you, your parents or your loved ones... [ READ MORE ]
Health assistant in nursing trials in Victorian Hospitals
The Napthine Government has announced health assistant in nursing (HAN) trials will take place at Eastern, Monash and Barwon Health. [ READ MORE ]
2013 private aged care: Don't turn your back on aged care
ANMF has begun enterprise bargaining on behalf of members employed in the private and not-for-profit aged care sector. [ READ MORE ]
2013 Federal election
The Federal election will be held on Saturday 7 September. When considering how you will vote it is critical that you consider the policy positions of each political party and the impact that they will have on you, your family and the community. [ READ MORE ]
Nurses and Midwives say NO to violence
The Napthine Government has 39 ways to stop the violence in Victorian Hospitals. [ READ MORE ]
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Nurses Campaign
School nurses and nurses on the Maternal and Child Health Helpline who are employed by the Department are seeking a new Agreement to replace the one which expired on 30 June 2011. [ READ MORE ]
Federal ANMF campaign: Australia's nurses and midwives. You couldn't be in better hands
Federal ANMF has launched a new national campaign to raise awareness of the invaluable and skilled work nurses and midwives do 24-hours a day across Australia. [ READ MORE ]
Bargaining Agent Authority
If you work in private aged care, and your enterprise agreement is due for renegotiation, you should complete this online form. [ READ MORE ]
Save the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria
Despite the unprecedented registration renewal fee increases, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) is yet to confirm it will fund and expand the successful, evidence-based Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) that protects patients and keeps nurses and midwives well and in the workforce. [ READ MORE ]
2012 Private Acute Sector EBA Campaign: Respect Our Work
Victorian private acute sector nurses and midwives' agreements will start expiring on 29 February 2012. [ READ MORE ]
2011 Victorian Public Sector EBA: Nurses, Midwives, Mental Health Nurses, RDNS Nurses: Respect Our Work
Information about the campaign to improve public sector nurses, midwives and mental health nurses staffing levels, wages and conditions. [ READ MORE ]
2011 practice nurses enterprise bargaining campaign
Information about the enterprise bargaining campaign to improve practice nurses' wages and conditions. [ READ MORE ]
Taking action on climate change
The new Abbott federal government has said it will remove a price on carbon, has already scrapped the Climate Commission and has few proposed policies aimed at slowing climate change or combating the impact on our community's health. [ READ MORE ]
2008/2010 private aged care campaign: Value aged care nursing properly for better resident care
ANMF began negotiating wages and conditions for registered nurses and personal care workers employed in the private and not-for-profit aged care sector in the second half of 2008. [ READ MORE ]
Victoria's end of life decisions laws
Nurses views must be heard in the debate about end of life laws. Nurses need clarity and understanding about issues surrounding patients' end of life decisions. [ READ MORE ]
Fix WorkCover for injured workers
ANMF (Victorian Branch) has joined other Victorian unions to campaign against anticipated changes to the Victorian accident compensation laws that, in many instances, will be detrimental to injured workers, including nurses. [ READ MORE ]
2007-2008 private acute sector campaign: Fund nursing properly for a better state of health
This campaign is now closed. This section provides background information about the 2007-2008 Victorian private sector nurses enterprise agreement negotiations. [ READ MORE ]
Don't turn back the clock on nursing education
The Nurses Board of Victoria is considering an application by Holmesglen TAFE to offer the nursing degree from 2009. ANMF (Victorian Branch), along with other nursing professional groups, is opposed to any proposal that turns back the clock and moves Division 1 registered nurse education from universities to the TAFE sector. [ READ MORE ]
2007 public sector campaign: Fund nursing properly for a better state of health
This campaign is closed. This section provides background information about the 2007 Victorian public sector nurses and midwives enterprise bargaining campaign for the public acute and aged care sector, public psychiatric services, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and the Royal District Nursing Service. [ READ MORE ]
Federal Election 2007 your rights at work worth fighting and voting for
This campaign is now closed. The Howard Government's workplace laws known as WorkChoices threaten working Australians' right to job security, penalty rates, overtime pay, annual leave, public holidays, union representation, the right to bargain collectively and access to an independent umpire to resolve workplace issues. [ READ MORE ]
2010 Victorian State Election
Information about the state election nursing and midwifery policies of the Labor and Coalition parties. [ READ MORE ]
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