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Bargaining Agent Authority

If you work in private aged care, and your enterprise agreement is due for renegotiation, you should complete this online form.


This form has been developed to take full advantage of the new industrial relations laws to commence 1 July 2009. Some employers refuse to negotiate with the ANMF for a new enterprise agreement. The new laws say that if the majority of employees want the ANMF to be their ‘bargaining agent' your employer must negotiate with ANMF.

Our experience has been that ANMF negotiated agreements result in better salaries and conditions than those where ANMF have not been involved. Once you have completed the form, please encourage other nurses and personal care staff at your workplace to do the same!

Remember, we need the majority of nurses and personal care workers to complete a bargaining agent authority to maximize our opportunities to achieve a new agreement. .

Click here to authorise the ANMF (Vic Branch) to be your bargaining agent or download the form from the Resources Box.

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