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Federal Election 2007 your rights at work worth fighting and voting for

This campaign is now closed. The Howard Government's workplace laws known as WorkChoices threaten working Australians' right to job security, penalty rates, overtime pay, annual leave, public holidays, union representation, the right to bargain collectively and access to an independent umpire to resolve workplace issues.


Aged care nurses hurt by IR laws: ANF launches advertising campaign - 14 September 2007
The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) will launch phase two of a four week TV advertising campaign outlining the negative impact of the Howard government's industrial relations laws on nurses working in aged care. The ads will continue to be shown across Australia in the lead up to the 2007 election. [ READ MORE ]
No choice: aged care nurses forced to work for no pay - 13 September 2007
Nurses at the Belvedere Park Nursing Home in Sydenham are being forced to work even though the owner, Russell Menere, told them last Saturday that he will not pay them. [ READ MORE ]
Domain Aged Care Group pursues RN Division 2 redundancies - 31 July 2007
Domain Aged Care Group has advised it will make all non-endorsed Division 2 nurses at its Sale, Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance facilities redundant. [ READ MORE ]

Further information

Tell ANMF what you think about the Howard Government's workplace laws
The implementation of the new workplace laws will affect the way that nurses negotiate their pay and conditions and ultimately affect patient care. [ READ MORE ]
What can nurses do?
To change the WorkChoices laws, we will need to change the Federal Government. [ READ MORE ]
ANJ 2007 Federal Election platform
This feature outlines the key election issues for nurses: workforce, social justice, occupational health and safety, industrial relations, health care and aged care.
Federal election aged care IR television advertisement (30-second)
30-second former aged care nurse advertisement.
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Federal election aged care IR advertisement (15-second)
15-second aged care resident alone advertisement.
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