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2013 Federal election

The Federal election will be held on Saturday 7 September. When considering how you will vote it is critical that you consider the policy positions of each political party and the impact that they will have on you, your family and the community.


ANMF federal election comparison - 4 September 2013
The federal election campaign is now in the final week and advertising and slogans are everywhere. Behind the slogans is policy detail that illustrates the significant differences between the two major parties particularly in the areas of workplace laws, health, education, aged care, the environment and superannuation. [ READ MORE ]
Coalition IR policy: Australian Unions highlight the threats to all workers - 21 August 2013
The ACTU has developed a comprehensive information page on the potential impact of the Coalition IR policy. Members are encouraged to visit the Australian Unions website can gain further information about the impact of a Coalition Government on penalty rates and our ability to negotiate a fair EBA for nurses, midwives and carers. [ READ MORE ]
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