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Nurses, midwives and personal care workers working in health and other industries are exposed to many hazards including manual handling, violence and aggression, bullying and harassment, stress, shiftwork, hazardous substances and infection diseases.
Understanding and addressing workplace bullying
Workplace bullying is a significant psychological hazard and a risk to the health and safety of many nurses, midwives and carers. People don't always like one another however, everyone has a duty to ensure that workplace bullying does NOT occur and should treat each other with tolerance, dignity and respect. This section includes the new ANMF (Vic Branch) Guide to Assist Members - Workplace Bullying. [ READ MORE ]
Courses & training calendar
A calendar of upcoming occupational health and safety and Health and Safety Representatives training courses, seminars and conferences. [ READ MORE ]
ANMF (Vic Branch) OHS conferences, seminars and workshops
ANMF (Vic Branch) offers a range of conferences, seminars and workshops for nurses, Health & Safety Reps (HSRs), OHS committee members, ANMF Job Reps and supervisors. These events are tailored for the health sector with a strong focus on issues and hazards relevant to nursing, midwifery and personal care workers. [ READ MORE ]
Occupational health and safety news
Health and safety news and information for nurses, midwives and personal care workers. [ READ MORE ]
ANMF (Vic Branch) Health and Safety Rep (HSR) Training Courses
ANMF offers a program of HSR training courses. The Five-day Initial HSR OHS Course is for new HSRs while the One-day Refresher Course is designed to refresh HSRs' knowledge and understanding of the OHS regulatory framework. [ READ MORE ]
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Report workplace violence and aggression

Online form to report workplace violence to ANMF
Always report incidents of violence and aggression through the formal processes at your workplace. Use this online form to advise ANMF so we can provide advice and assistance. This form does not replace your formal reporting at work.
Become a Workplace Health & Safety Representative
Information about the six easy steps to becoming an HSR or a Deputy HSR and nomination form.
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