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Victorian Urological Nurses Society

The Victorian Urological Nurses Society (VUNS) was established in 1993 with the purpose of providing a communication network for those nurses with a special interest in urological nursing.

The society provides a forum for education, research, information sharing, facilitates access to relevant resource material and promotes the highest standards of care in urological nursing.

To achieve this purpose educational meetings are open to all members and affiliated trade members and are held throughout the year. As an adjunct to educational meetings a bi-monthly newsletter is produced. VUNS endeavours to hold a country educational meeting annually.

An elected committee coordinates the activities of the Society. This committee is elected on an annual basis and holds bi monthly executive meetings. VUNS follows the guidelines set out in its Statement of Purpose.

The evolution of VUNS has been rewarding experience for urology nurses. The introduction and continued growth of the Graduate Certificate in Urological and Continence Nursing and the Post Graduate Diploma of Nursing Science in Urological and Continence Nursing offered through La Trobe University has given nurses with a passion for urology an avenue to extend their knowledge.

VUNS members have also been instrumental in the founding of the Australian and New Zealand Urological Nurses Society (ANZUNS). This national body has been established to provide a communication network between State and New Zealand Urological Nurses Societies, including affiliation with international Urological nursing organizations. Membership of VUNS provides automatic membership of ANZUNS

Ros Lawrence, Seretary

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